Aluminum Stock



At Cladding Australia, we exclusively stock material produced by the renowned ELVALcompany in Greece, one of the biggest Aluminum’s manufactories of the world. This ensures that our customers receive the highest quality Corten steel available.

Our regular stock includes coils thicknesses0.8 mm and 1,200 mm wide, in various colors:

  • Stain Black
  • Grey Metallic
  • Silver Metallic
  • White (RAL9003)
  • Zinc light Grey(Quartz)
  • Zinc Light Brown
  • Elval Grey Metallic

Each coil weighs approximately 1,000 kg.
We also hold Aluminum in Mill finished:

  • Flat sheets – thicknesses3.0mm, 1,200 mm wide and 3,000 mm length
  • Coils – thicknesses 0.8 mm and 1,200 mm wide

In addition to our standard stock, we also offer the flexibility of custom orders. You have the freedom to specify any thickness and width, whether in Coils or flat sheets (minimum quantity required).

We can supply, in additional cost, the following:

  • The rolls can be De-coil into flat sheets according to the required length, the work into whole Coils (part of a coil cannot be cut)
  • The coila can beslittinginto smaller width coils, according to the required width of the work into complete coil (part of a coil cannot be cut)

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let Corten Australia provide you with the precise Corten steel material you need for your projects.


You can see: ELVAL’s official website for detailed information about their Aluminum products

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